Bean & HOP

Bean & Hop was created under the consideration that London roasts the best coffee & brews the most amazing beers - so why not have a local where you can enjoy the best of both worlds under one roof?

We serve coffee made with beans from Nude Espresso Roastery and stock over 60 different types of beer, from local brewers, as near as 200 yards away to Belgium & the USA. These are all available to drink in or takeaway.

This relaxing space is designed for you to enjoy great food all week long, from our seasonal brunch menu everyday and our pizzas every Wednesday, Thursday, Friday & Saturday evenings.

We also have a great retail wine selection, consisting of old and new world, natural & biodynamic wines. Just like everything else we do, we love trying new things and our selection is always eclectic and exciting!

If that wasn’t enough we also serve freshly baked loaves of bread and pastries for you to take home as well as a delicious selection of cakes, all homemade and seasonal.



We've a deep love of coffee at Bean & Hop. All our baristas go through roastery led training before they're let loose on the public.

We are constantly evolving what we do, so that we serve coffee in the best possible way, from espresso to single origin filter, to cold brew. 



We have a huge selection of craft beers brewed locally, across London and the World. We also do what we can to support local Wandsworth and Lambeth brewers, and sometimes host evenings when you can meet them in person.

With seasonal ever changing local beers on tap you can always try something new.